Roof replacements and repairs in Alexandria, VA

The history in Alexandria is already long, particularly in having a rich history that goes back to when it was part of the District of Columbia. Many of the famous heroes and rebels of the Revolutionary War came from Alexandria.

Today, Alexandria has become a popular tourist destination for those visiting the D.C. area. Going to Old Town alone is like traveling back in time 200 years. Many homes and buildings in this region go back to the 1600s, some of the earliest existing in America.

As you can imagine, with so many older structures, there is allot of exterior improvements needed. Even if you've had roofing work done before, it's easy to lose track when it was done last.

Using BRAX Roofing for Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance

As a locally-operated roofing contractor near Alexandria, BRAX Roofing is there for your business to do roofing inspections. If you realize you're taking chances, it's time for us to give your roof a look to see what damages you might have. A lot of roofing issues can become subtle, not showing any major signs until it's too late.

Through our local staff, we get repairs done quickly and efficiently. This is even more true through our attention to ongoing roof maintenance. Once we get your roof repaired or replaced, we'll continue to keep it inspected, including suggestions on the right materials to withstand future storms.

Finding the Right Certification and Experience

When vetting a roofing contractor, their certification proves their expertise in the industry. We have certifications through Owens Corning, GAF Certified Roofers, and CertainTeed. We're also a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, in addition to being accredited through the Better Business Bureau.

This makes us the top 1% of roofers in the country, including offering unmatched warranties.

We also have our own full-time team rather than relying on sub-contractors. All of this means top-tier roofing work to ensure a quality aesthetic on your building.GRIP

Contact us to learn more about all your roofing options. Ask us about our GRIP X roofing inspection and warranty, something no other local roofing contractor offers.

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