3 Tips to Help You Find the Best Storm Door for Your Home


Storm doors protect your entry door from damage and act as additional insulation by trapping a layer of air between them and the entry door. They are an excellent home improvement project because they can help save you money, reduce the risk of costly door repairs, and protect your interior from harsh weather. BRAX Roofing provides tips on choosing the right storm door for your home.

Go for a Beautiful Storm Door

We install ProVia storm doors in Rockville, MD. The brand is famous for their quality doors and range of design options. ProVia custom manufactures the storm doors we offer and you can choose from 54 different storm doors. This variety of choices means your storm door will be one-of-a-kind. You can further personalize your new storm door with hand-stained Inspirations™ art glass or decorative beveled glass. ProVia also offers different hardware styles and hardware finishes.

Make Sure Your Storm Door is Durable

In addition to their beauty, ProVia storm doors are tough. The aluminum wall thickness of their storm doors is up to 20% thicker than industry standard. Their Spectrum™ and DuraGuard™ product lines also feature a reinforced aluminum kick panel for extra durability. ProVia’s storm doors also feature a multi-hollow construction. This provides greater strength and security when compared with ordinary storm doors. Corrosion-proof gussets also secure the outside corner of the door.

Choose Storm Doors with a Wide Range of Accessories

Accessories are another reason an expert in door and window replacement in Silver Spring, MD, like us recommends ProVia. Their storm doors can feature bottom expanders that help seal in drafts and improve the storm doors energy efficiency. These bottom expanders even come in brass, satin nickel, and aged bronze finishes.

You can also get their easy-set closer. With just slight push on the cap, the storm door will stay open. Release the cap by pushing the door open further. This closer is color matched to your storm door. ProVia also offers a lifetime aged bronze, lifetime satin nickel, and lifetime bright brass magazine and mail slots. Finally, most of their doors come standard with a screen. Their Spectrum™ product line even comes with the InVent™ retractable screen system.

Our storm doors are beautiful, durable, and effective. The variety of customization options means you’ll get a personalized and appealing storm door that will protect your home for many years. BRAX Roofing has helped homeowners in Silver Spring and the surrounding areas with our first-class home improvement services for many years. Give us a call to learn more about our storm doors, or to request a free estimate.

About The Author

Ben Matthews is a managing partner at BRAX Roofing, a multi-faceted company that focuses on residential and commercial roofing throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Having obtained the highest certifications in roofing from leading manufacturers around the country, Ben takes pride in providing BRAX Roofing customers with top-quality exterior home improvement service and expertise.