HardieZone® Siding: Customized Siding for the Local Weather


Different regions face different weather conditions, so it makes no sense to use siding that’s “one-size-fits-all.” That’s why we provide James Hardie® fiber-cement siding for our clients. This siding utilizes James Hardie’s HardieZone® system that provides customized siding solutions for local weather.

BRAX Roofing explains how it works.

HardieZone System Overview

James Hardie developed the HardieZone system to make sure that their siding in Bethesda, MD, delivers excellent performance under local weather conditions. They first identified eight climactic factors that affect the long-term performance of siding. These factors are UV, humidity, temperature range, hail, hurricane, snow, rainfall, and topographical factors. They studied these variables and arrived at 10 distinct climate zones around the country.

They then found common factors in zones 1-5 and zones 6-10, so James Hardie developed two distinct product lines for these groups. The HZ5™ product line works best for areas with freezing temperatures, while the HZ10™ product line excels in areas of heart, humidity, and hurricane force winds. These two product lines have different features and product formulations that enable them to provide superior protection for the areas they cover.

HardieZone Benefits

The siding that works best for our area is the HZ5 product line. As experts in siding and window replacement in Silver Spring, MD, we recommend this siding because it excels under cold temperatures. It resists damage from freezing, withstands snow and ice, and maintains dimensional stability under harsh weather conditions. It has a special formulation that gives it superior paint adhesion and increased moisture resistance. This siding also has a drip edge that improves water management.

The HardieZone system will make sure your home receives exceptional protection against the weather. In addition, James Hardie siding has several other benefits. ColorPlus® Technology means that the siding’s color stays vivid and beautiful for many years. We can also install James Hardie siding over insulation to increase your home’s R-Value.

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About The Author

Ben Matthews is a managing partner at BRAX Roofing, a multi-faceted company that focuses on residential and commercial roofing throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Having obtained the highest certifications in roofing from leading manufacturers around the country, Ben takes pride in providing BRAX Roofing customers with top-quality exterior home improvement service and expertise.