Brightening Up Your Siding with James Hardie Color Options


Your siding plays a big role in improving your home’s curb appeal. It is important that you choose the best colors that will give life to your exterior.

Color Option

BRAX Roofing offers tips on choosing the best colors to enhance your exterior.

Vibrant Colors
Apart from roofing, siding, windows & Doors, we offerJames Hardie siding, that come in an array of colors. If you own a traditional home in a rural town or old city, then going for bright reddish colors is your best bet. Grant your home the beauty it deserves with red, deep oranges, and golden yellow siding. If you want something mild, go for browns, warm reds, and yellows in subtle tones that will fit your Craftsman home. We also offer Countrylane Red that will give you an image of an afternoon drive through the countryside. You can also pick Khaki Brown that blends well with homes that have a lighter hue.

Calm Colors
We provide siding that comes in a wide range of colors that will remind you of the sky and the ocean. If you own a shingled Cape Cod home, you can never go wrong with grayish blue siding. You can also enhance your home with a classy and elegant evening blue color. We also have Iron Grays that will give a bold shade that complements an Artic White trim.

Nature Colors
we offer siding that will appeal to your love of nature. If you want your home to exude an aura of freshness and warmth, you can go for our yellow and green siding. Many associate yellow-greens with the concept of rebirth while dark greens evoke maturity. If old and leafy trees surround your home, you can go for solid greens. If you own a cottage or just want to improve your home’s rustic appeal, then choosing yellow is great.

By choosing the colors that best complement your home’s style, you add more character to your home. You can count on BRAX Roofing to help you find the ideal combination of colors. 

About The Author

Ben Matthews is a managing partner at BRAX Roofing, a multi-faceted company that focuses on residential and commercial roofing throughout Maryland and Washington DC. Having obtained the highest certifications in roofing from leading manufacturers around the country, Ben takes pride in providing BRAX Roofing customers with top-quality exterior home improvement service and expertise.