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The Piscataway tribe could not have predicted what would become of their land when they befriended the first settlers. As the number of settlers increased and more land was occupied by the colonists the tribe would see the last of their days on their land. Unfortunately, due to many factors, only a few Indians would remain in the area that would later become known as Catonsville, Maryland.

It was in the 1780s that a road connecting a flour mill on the Patapsco River with Baltimore changed the landscape and future of the area. The road known as the Frederick Turnpike increased the traffic through the land prompting the development of the area next to the road. The area would become the current Baltimore suburb Catonsville. As a prime location on the turnpike, it was a popular stop for travelers attracting businesses and wealthy Baltimore residents. The residents chose Catonsville as the prime location to build their large summer home estates.

What began as a development opportunity based on proximity in the 1780s has become a magnet community with strong a strong family atmosphere. Citizens either stay in the community or return with their families after they leave. Home sales are showing a pattern of up and downsizing based on the stage of life of the homeowners. Younger couples are moving into smaller homes and upsizing as their families grow. Older couples are downsizing as they find themselves not needing a larger home anymore, but none of them are leaving the community. With the exchanging of homes is the changing of personalities within the home often leading to a need to remodel.

Fortunately, the professionals of BRAX Roofing serve Catonsville. We are a local business that does not subcontract out their work. We work closely with the homeowner to ensure everything is done to their specification, but most importantly that it is done right. When a roofing repair or remodel needs to be completed the options can be overwhelming. Choosing the wrong materials and improper installation can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars. Contact BRAX Roofing today for a free estimate and to discuss how we can help you!

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