Elkridge, MD

Are you located in or around Elkridge, Maryland? Are you in need of roof replacement? It is thought the average home should have its roof replaced every 10-20 years.  BRAX Roofing will give you the quality roofing installment that your home needs! BRAX specializes in the Chantilly roofing style, which the shingles on the roof are layered in lines across the entire roof of the residence and gives an extremely positive aesthetic.  The shingles come in many varieties of color to match the exterior of your home!

Did you know? - The City of Elkridge, Maryland consists of five neighborhoods:

  1. Montgomery Rd / Meadowridge Rd, which has an average real estate price of $421,009.  The real-estate make-up of Elkridge, Maryland is consisting of townhomes and single family homes that are either mid-sized single family homes (containing 3-4 bedrooms) or large single family homes with 5+ bedrooms.  Most of the housing in this neighborhood was built between 1970 and 1999, which can be in need of updating.  Therefore, roofing services may be a must!
  2. Town Center, a neighborhood with an average real estate price of $388,654.  Mid-size single family homes make up a good portion of the real estate, but there are also small studio homes (1-2 bedrooms) as well as many options for complex, high-rise apartment style living. Much of the housing was built in the same time frame as that of Montgomery Rd / Meadowridge Rd neighborhood (1970-1990), but there are also newer homes built between 2000 and present day.  This neighborhood of Elkridge offers potential for roofing needs.  However, some apartment-styled residences do not need roofing.
  3. Harwood Park, still one of the nicer neighborhoods of Elkridge with an average of $336,865 per residence.  This neighborhood consists of mid-size, studio, and complex and high-rise apartment buildings.  These residences range in date of establishment from 1970 to present day.  Many homes will require the attention of a roofer, but there are also some that will not.
  4. Montevideo / Waterloo, the Southwest neighborhood of Elkridge.  Its average real estate price is $329,785.  The homes in this area are more recently built and have origin dates between 2000 and now.  Many of the residences are small to mid-size single family homes as well as townhouses.  Roofing replacement may not be needed as of yet for many homes as they have newer roofs as it is.
  5. Old Waterloo Rd / Pirch Way, which can be found in the Northwest zone of Elkridge.  It is the most affordable neighborhood in Elkridge as the average real estate price is $69,337.  Most of the residences of this neighborhood are small to mid-sized mobile homes or complex or high-rise apartments.  This neighborhood of Elkridge has the least potential for roofing needs.

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