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Ever wonder why so many commercial buildings have flat roofs? A flat roof’s superior protection, long durability and minimum maintenance add up to a better roof. BRAX Roofing can bring these advantages to your home with our residential flat roofing services.

Built to Perform

Depending on the architectural style of your home, a flat roof can be the ideal choice to protect your home, possessions and family from the elements.

The multi-layer construction of a flat roof creates a seamless, impervious barrier that keeps rain and moisture where it belongs – on the outside! A tile or shingle roof, on the other hand, presents hundreds of gaps and cracks that each present an opportunity for water to infiltrate the home and cause expensive damage.

Advantages of a Flat Roof

What makes a flat roof a great choice for residential and commercial roofing across the Metro DC area? Here are three great reasons:

  1. Beauty – The clean lines and crisp look of a flat roof creates a modern look for your home, and does not take away from other architectural features.
  2. Low Maintenance – A flat roof requires far less maintenance than a steeply sloped roof; resisting dirt, debris, mold, mildew, algae, chemicals, and fading. You can expect your new roof to look beautiful for decades without requiring hours of work or costly maintenance and repairs.
  3. Durable Protection – A modern flat roof is made from a composite layer of PVC membrane, reinforced by a single-ply that may a printed architectural shingle pattern on top, and supported by waterproofing elements on the bottom layer. You’ll never worry about wind, rain, hail, or other inclement weather causing the roof to leak or fail.

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A flat roof can also support a wide range of useful accessories, such heat pumps, air conditioning units, or skylights. All without worrying about sagging gutters, loose shingles or tiles, or ice dams during winter months.

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