3 Things to Know about Energy-Efficient Metal Roofs


Many homeowners are choosing metal for roof replacement. A metal roof is an ideal pick if you want something that’s easy to install and maintain. Additionally, you get to upgrade the look of your exterior with its stylish and rustic appearance. The only concern of some homeowners is energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is not the strong suit of metal roofs. Nonetheless, there is a way to integrate this feature to the system, and that is through cool coatings. One of your trusted roofers in Silver Spring, MD, discusses the role of cool pigments in energy efficiency.

What are Cool Pigments?

According to Metal Roofing Alliance, cool pigments or coatings are responsible for absorbing infrared radiation. These substances yield equally colored coatings with higher solar reflectance. Moreover, cool coatings or pigments help lower the surface temperature of roofs. This way, they help reduce the need for cooling energy in homes or buildings. Applying these cool coatings to metal will result in energy-efficient roofing.

How Do Cool Pigments Work?

Cool pigments give color through absorbing and releasing various parts of the sun’s wavelength spectrum according to their chemistry. They selectively absorb visible light and reflect it to what appear as color to the human eyes. There are two types of pigments used in coatings, namely organic and inorganic. Organic pigments are the vivid and bright colors, while the inorganic pigments are those that appear opaque. These pigments help make roofs, such as metal, energy-efficient.

Where Can You Get Energy-Efficient Metal Roofs?

BRAX Roofing installs “cool” metal roofs, which reflect much of the sun’s energy to help maintain the temperature of a structure. Moreover, homeowners can enjoy bigger energy savings through the reduced use of cooling systems in summer. The energy-efficient metal roofs that we install also offer other benefits, such as durability, maintenance ease, and resistance to elements.

We hope that this post encourages you to invest in metal roofs. BRAX Roofing can help you install quality metal roofing in your home. We also specialize in slate, cedar shake, shingles, and flat roofs. For your needs in roof repair in Gaithersburg, MD, just let us know.

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About The Author

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